Reflections 3/25/2014

My life is redistributing my time spent. Blocked are the old ways which connect me to lower forms of consciousness. I am begin held now by the strength of my unblocked spirit. New words are opening up new paths.

There is still a clinging. Small barriers. A desire to go back to a world of comfort. This is boring though. It has it moments of glory, but nothing compared to my true calling. All has led me here for a reason. 

I don’t really like the name, earth’s first trillionaire.  I’m not sure that I want to be a trillionaire, it would require much savings. I prefer to let the money flow. To be carefree and generous. If I am able to save up a trillion dollars then am I carefree?

In “Fellowship of the Rings” - I don’t remember the name of the elf maiden of Lorien but she wishes Gimli all the gold he desires, and that the gold have no power over him. 

I would like that for everyone. To have all the wealth that they desire, but that this wealth has no power over them.

Today my time was spent wisely. It’s been said that who you surround yourself with is who you are….I haven’t found the right words to express this sediment. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Seth Godin says that used to be who you hang out with, and still is..but also your web browsing history. Who have you been spending your time with?

Today I spent my time with Richard Dawkins, Deepak Chopra, Medium Craig Hamilton Parker, Rabbi Gluck, Satish Kumar, and Shakira:) 

This is a huge improvement over my previous weeks history. I’m thinking now I should eliminate the influence of older patterns. Cleansing my youtube subscribes and narrowing it down to those who are in alignment with my journey.

Watched a clip where Seth Godin talked about the importance of blogging. It matters not if anyone reads it. It’s like journalling, but is more significant, and I have already noticed it effects the way I write.  

Honesty and transparency are clear indicators of greatness. I hope that I can achieve a high level of honesty. 

My state is a peaceful, and a bit withdrawn. Part of me is calling out for more freedom. 

Lets end with some of positive confirmations of my impending affluence. I saw the golden dragon today. The golden dragon is the spirit of my old motorcycle which has followed me to Cambodia. It has found another form, a newer form, but still golden and the same brand of bike; Suzuki Sv650. I feel in my heart that I will be re-united with her soon.